Getting a group of adults to settle on a game can be hard. Someone usually says they don’t want to spend a decade playing Monopoly. Someone else isn’t in the mood for Cards Against Humanity. But one game I own gets nothing but head nods for one key reason: Everybody likes memes. 

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What Do You Meme? is an essential adult party game, and it’s a little over $11 on the second day of Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days sale. It’s not the only on-sale game for groups you should consider either — CNET staffers also recommend Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

But back to the meme-themed matter at hand. You play it Apples to Apples style, with players dealt a handful of caption cards that can be paired with bigger photo cards. Players offer up a caption card from their hand that applies to that round’s meme, and a judge picks the combination they like the most. The game is recommended for people 17 years and older, so you should expect some caption cards that aren’t kid-friendly. 

The game isn’t brand-new, and some of the memes could probably be considered “stale,” but in my experience, the many potential pairings keep things fresh. Expansion packs and a family-friendly edition are also on sale for Prime Big Deal Days. 

While I’m sure the rules call for more order, when I play, the judge gets to sort through all the photo cards and pick whatever meme speaks most to them. It’s a casual party game that requires little brain-straining and can result in a lot of laughs. And with the broad appeal of memes, it may be able to please the most stubborn members of your game-playing group.

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