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Recruitment is a saturated market and making your organisation stand out is key to attracting the right talent. But for us, we also value happiness at work and social responsibility as some of the most important factors.

We help jobseekers find roles with organisations that will care for them and their wellbeing, but also pair candidates with a job that makes them fulfilled. A happy, fulfilled employee will be 85% more productive and efficient at work - because they love what they do.

Your reputation and association with NicestJobs.com could be the deciding factor which determines whether a high-quality applicant chooses you or a competitor.

We work with all organisations, brands, not-for-profits and UK charities to post jobs on NicestJobs.com

By only allowing employers that have been vetted by us to advertise their roles, we ensure that each candidate knows they are applying for a great workplace, one they would be proud to work at.

Leading with the power of video

We are experts in recruitment videos and the reach of our advertised job roles go beyond just the job post.

We utilise social media to spread the word of our roles to the widest possible audience and we do so through video.

Each membership gives you, the employer, the opportunity to embed video into your job listing, visually advertising who you are. If you don't have one - we can film and edit one for you.


We head over to your wonderful offices and shoot your showcase recruitment video. We like to get shots of your staff, surroundings, enviroment and culture.

We then expertly create your video - making sure we keep the magic that makes you so very special. Highlighting what a wonderful organisation you are.

Your video is uploaded to your expertly crafted page and we share with our followers what a wonderful place you are to work and volunteer for.



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