The Apple Watch is one of the world’s most popular watches, and while it’s cheaper than a luxury Swiss mechanical watch, there’s no denying that it’s an inexpensive pickup. Thankfully, there are sometimes deals to be had, and right now, Amazon is offering the kind of discount that you can’t afford to ignore.

The Apple Watch Series 8, in cellular configuration no less, can now be yours for just $355 if you get your order in while this deal is still live. That price is a full $174 off the original $529 asking price, which makes this a steal.

Now, sure, this isn’t the latest and greatest Apple Watch Series 9, but it does have the vast majority of the same features and capabilities. You’ll still benefit from things like a blood oxygen sensor and ECG capabilities, while the always-on display looks stunning no matter the light you’re in.

We can’t talk about the Apple Watch without discussing the health and fitness features, either. There are tons of activities that the Apple Watch can track by default, while the App Store is also full of third-party solutions for people who want to dig a little deeper. Not one for the great outdoors? You can make calls, open doors, and even pay for stuff with your wrist if it has one of these on it. And it’ll get better each year with big new WatchOS software updates, too.

Now, you can’t say that about your Rolex, can you?

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