Sighted Guiding

  • The charity Guide Dogs
  • Oct 06, 2017
Volunteer Volunteer

Job Description

My Guide is a service that enables people with sight loss to get out and about. The volunteer role of being a sighted guide, is to support a person with sight loss to safely navigate the environment, building self-confidence and increasing social interaction; whilst maintaining dignity and promoting independence.

A My Guide donates approximately two-three hours each week (days flexible) to assist and support a person in a safe manner as they try to achieve their mobility goals. These goals could be as simple as wanting to go to a coffee shop once a week to build up confidence of being out and about or as detailed as needing to get more familiar with a walking route to a train station to become more independent with travel. 

The length of a My Guide partnership is flexible based on the goals and needs of the service user. Each partnership is unique, with some lasting a couple of months, while others are on a more longer term basis.