Virtual reality headsets are for more than just gaming and goofing around. They can also be a powerful fitness tool if you pair them with the right app. And right now, you can get access to a full year of fun and creative VR workouts for 50% off when you purchase one of our favorite headsets through Supernatural. 

Meta makes some of our absolute favorite virtual reality systems on the market right now. The previous-gen Quest 2 is our favorite affordable headset of 2023, and CNET’s Scott Stein called the new Quest 3 — which hit shelves just this month — the best VR headset for the moment. The Quest 2 starts at $300 for the 128GB model, while the updated Quest 3 jumps up to $500. And when you buy either model at Supernatural — which was acquired by Meta earlier this year — you’ll also get a one-year membership for just $50, which is half the usual price. 

A Supernatural membership gives you access to a variety entertaining and choreographed VR workouts that make exercising feel more like gaming. You’ll also get advice from experienced coaches, and you’ll be able to track your progress over time to help you stay motivated. 

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