Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer Action, (registered charity No.1137689) was founded in Surrey in 2010 by a rare survivor of the disease. A small team, headed by our Chief Executive, runs the charity and overall a board of Trustees provides direction for the organisation.

Nearly 10,000 men and women are newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every year in the UK.

In 50 years, the five per cent survival rate of the UK’s fifth biggest cancer killer has not changed. BUT if patients are diagnosed in time for surgery, they have ten times more chance of surviving pancreatic cancer.

At Pancreatic Cancer Action, we are dedicated to saving lives by improving early diagnosis and improving the quality of survival for men and women diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the UK.

PCA is a small charity with a huge voice shouting about much needed change for pancreatic cancer. We were founded out of a desperate need to give more attention to a disease that has been neglected for far too long.

We fund innovative research, create national awareness campaigns, lobby for change, produce educational programmes for medical professionals and provide comprehensive patient information.