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Here at we do things a little differently to the norm.


We believe that employers don't really get to see who you really are when you are hidden behind black and white text.

Here at NicestJobs - we work differently.
Where applicable and requested by our Nicest Employers you can submit a 3 minute video CV telling us who you are and why you're amazing.
Alongside your traditional paper CV and application form, each of our organisations get the opportunity to really see who you are - just like you can see them with the video on their job advert.

From there, your application is sent directly to the wonderful people at the organisation you have applied to who can then watch your lovely video and take it from there.

No more jazzing up your fonts, no more adding 'extra-curricular' activities to make yourself stand out. Just you, a camera and a smile.


How does it work?


1. Find a 'nice employer' you want to work for on our jobs page


2. Watch the showcase video to see into their world


3. See what jobs they have available


4. Grab a camera and get filming!


Hint's & Tips

  1. We advise filming in landscape on your smartphone (tilted to the side).
  2. Make sure you're dressed smart and the background behind you is clean and tidy
  3. Look into the camera!
  4. Use Youtube Capture app (
  5. Smile and have fun!
  6. Upload to Youtube as 'unlisted' and submit your link to either your candidate profile or in the text box with 'cover letter and video cv'

5. Click apply, submit your application and attach your video

We have worked really hard to make the process as 'nice' as possible for applying for one of our amazing roles.

So why not find your NicestJob today