I find the notion of those saying they are not happy at work absurd. We spend the majority of our waking life at work - so surely we should spend those hours happy, right?

I mean, I know there are two very different schools of thought and perspective on work; live to work OR work to live. But what about work and live?

Can't working and living be in perfect harmony and balance? Looking forward to both Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.

I've luckily (even though it shouldn't be a privilege) to have spent the last 3 years loving my job, and I truly mean loving it. I wake up every morning excited for the day ahead, knowing that in some way I am contributing and making a difference to so many other people around me. 

I was invited to VML London last week to give a 'Lunch & Learn' on my experiences as a blogger, philanthropist, entrepreneur and do-gooder with my company, NicestJobs.com - living a life I carved for myself and helping others along the way. I must admit, however much I do love being up on a stage, I also find it incredibly strange standing and talking about myself for a period of time - telling my life story to a room of people and asking them to understand and empathise. TO ME, it's my life and i'm still here - after the good and bad times. But it still baffles me somewhat that people find it inspiring. I guess that comes down to humility and knowing that after meeting so many extraordinary people, I feel my life is somewhat tame - but then again to others it is a life they can only dream of.

What I can understand is that most people don't have the guts to throw caution to the wind and start a business from scratch. No investment, no loan, no money in the bank - just and idea and a desire to create a better life. There are of course ups and down, but with anything you take the rough with the smooth. No point enduring a storm if you can't dance in the rain. 

That for me is working happy - doing something that drives you, inspires you, motivates you and feeds your inner soul. Over the years I have had so many people come to me with ideas for a business, wanting my input, thoughts, partnership and even money. But the first thing I always ask - "Is this your passion?"

The reason for this question is simple; if you do something that drives you and are passionate about, that will spill over into your product or service. Your enthusiasm for it will be infectious and as a result others will naturally follow. People buy people. If what you're doing or selling stems from an inner desire - then you will be successful. It's those people who do or create something to make money and only money who do not succeed. They chase tails, not happiness. 

Money helps, but it doesn't make you happy. Doing something you love everyday will make you happy and no amount of money offered to you would make you change your job.

So as you sit at your desk reading this - ask yourself one simple question. Do you LOVE your job? Because if you don't, change it. Life is way to short to waste it. 

Want to know the meaning of life? Give life meaning - you've got one shot, make it worthwhile.


- Luke Cameron, Co-Founder