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Trick or Treat? Some scary employer brand statistics

Trick or Treat? Some scary employer brand statistics


1. 64% of candidates research a company online before applying

In this ever-changing digital world, candidates are more informed than ever. It’s not as simple as popping an advert in the local paper and getting handwritten cover letters and CVs in the post. In today’s world, candidates will research your whole organisation in the palm of their hand before they even consider clicking apply.
This year alone 64% of candidates will research your organisation, your benefits, your Glassdoor rating, Facebook and Twitter pages even before they decide if your company is for them. All those channels can give an incredible insight into whether you are a great employer and if your company fits in with their personal ethos.



2. 67% of under 35s look for jobs on Facebook

Quite a scary statistic if you ask me. With social media now being used on average 14 times a day by people in the UK, spending a whopping 112 minutes a day on this platform alone – it makes sense that they would look for jobs there too. Much like a modern-day supermarket that sells everything from socks to potatoes, people are relying on a one-stop shop to satisfy their needs and desires - a new job being one of them. By using Facebook to promote new job openings you not only save a lot of money on traditional online job ads, but you can potentially reach a much bigger audience.


3. 78% of Facebook traffic and engagement this year is video

There is no denying that video is big. I almost challenge you to scroll down your own personal Facebook walls and see how much content is video compared to photos and just text. Video is everywhere and those organisations that are embracing video as part of their communications strategy are reaping the rewards. But most organisations only look at using video to attract customers; showing off their product to drive sales. Very few this year, in fact only 8% of organisations, focus video on their employer brand to attract candidates. The use of video to showcase who you are as an employer and why you are a great place to work can be an incredibly powerful tool to attract top talent.



4. 80% of under 35s look at employer brand material before making a decision to go for an interview

80% is a pretty whopping statistic and encompasses a range of different online platforms and mediums – e.g. company website, online advertising, traditional job boards, Glassdoor, social media etc. But the plain fact is, candidates are looking. It’s no longer good enough to just sit back and think that candidates know who you are. They want to find out all about you before they decide to even walk through your door. So why not make that decision an easy one? 
The use of good employer brand content can really help set yourself apart from the competition. It’s a fiercely competitive market for good candidates and with the right level of employer brand content, you could even spark the interest of those that may not have been even looking for a job - as long as they see it of course.



5. 37% of the above-mentioned candidates will decline an interview if there is no employer brand material online

To the new generation of online users, old and young, if you’re not online, you don’t exist. So, if a candidate receives an interview request and they can’t see anything about your company ethos, aims, objectives, benefits, reviews or even so much as a picture of your team, 37% of those people will decline the interview. All because you didn’t show them why your organisation is a great place to work. That’s a whole lot of money and time spent for potential talent to say no, before they’ve even met you, right?



6. 8% of employers in the UK invested in employer brand content in 2017

I think this is the most frightening statistic of all. Considering all the compelling information and statistics around the consumption and use of digital and social media, only 8% of employers this year invested in their employer brand. Eight percent. But the most interesting thing is that those who have and do, are really seeing incredible results.



It’s also a case of employers not knowing how to engage candidates in their employer brand. Digital media has moved so quickly that knowing what and how to do it, let alone get it in front of the right people is a daunting process.

Where do you start?

My best advice is to treat a candidate like you would a customer or client - give them all the information they need to invest and buy into your organisation.

Because quite frankly, can you afford not to?