The benefits of using video when recruiting

The benefits of using video when recruiting

I’ve had some interesting feedback over the past few weeks with regards to the use of video when recruiting. It has sparked quite a heated conversation amongst recruiters and HR professionals alike and the divide has been incredibly interesting.


In today’s current recruitment environment, it’s so easy for a candidate to apply for a job with just one click. With both employers and agencies posting generic adverts and applicants clicking the apply button based on limited information and salary expectations. This can not only be overwhelming for employers who are faced with hundreds (if not thousands) of applications, making the hiring process long and difficult. But from the other perspective, candidates are applying for jobs at organisations they know very little about.


Speaking to employers, it’s clear that they want to hire employees who are engaged and excited by what they do. Employees who are engaged in their job typically perform 60%-90% higher than those who simply clock in and clock out just for the pay cheque. Which is why we believe that the engagement process starts even before a new employee steps through the doors on their first day. It actually starts when they apply for a job.


Recruitment videos are not a new phenomenon – they’ve actually been around for years. But, the appetite for employer brand content is now booming and ironically there are very few companies that offer this service. We saw this gap in the market and that’s exactly where NicestJobs sits today.


When we ran our national campaign, The Nicest Job in Britain, it was solely powered by video content – both from the employer and candidate side. Giving the candidate an insight into the job and what they could be doing, but also asking them to apply through video too. The campaign was spectacular – attracting thousands upon thousands of interested candidates with the recruitment video hitting over 100,000 views. The campaign ignited a passion in candidates and the engagement and quality of applications went above and beyond what we could ever have imagined.


As a result, NicestJobs was created. A simple idea joining employers and candidates together through video – allowing complete transparency in the recruitment process and giving each party the ability to make informed decisions.


We now work with some of the UK’s leading brands and we’ve made some interesting discoveries. Using our video recruitment method; both employers and candidates save time and money.  


However, I also appreciate that it’s not for everyone – traditional recruitment methods have been around for a long time and they do work. But with technology so readily available to all of us, in some form, there really is no reason not to embrace exciting change.


More interestingly, is how employers use video to promote themselves. Giving candidates the opportunity to see into your world can make a huge impact. Going beyond a black and white text advert to really showcase what it’s like to work at your organisation can inspire and engage people that you never thought you could reach – and maybe, just maybe, that perfect candidate that you’ve been looking for.


So the big question, does it work?


I wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t, simple fact. We have executed incredibly successful recruitment campaigns for some of the UK’s leading brands and let me tell you – it’s been incredible.


Case Studies

Orange Soccer



A small yet powerful brand, these guys have grown in strength over the past few years. Orange Soccer run football academies for children and young adults – the missing gap between amateur and pro level football. An innovative brand that keep pushing the boundaries.


They wanted to recruit a business development manager to help grow their brand. So, we created a recruitment video for the company and the job role, pushed it out to Facebook and within hours the comments and friend tagging started.




We asked each candidate to film and submit a video CV – showing Orange Soccer why they deserved the role.

We had 8 outstanding video applications and Orrin, MD of Orange Soccer, went on to interview and hire two new members of staff, not just the one he was looking for.



One candidate even hired a professional team to film his video CV. Now, if a candidate goes to that much trouble to submit a job application, they are definitely somebody you want to meet, right?



Guide Dogs




We started working with the national UK charity to help inform and excite candidates and volunteers – but also give people an authentic look behind the scenes of Guide Dogs.


Many people who know the brand Guide Dogs are drawn in by the adorable, fluffy sat navs that assist visually impaired people. But, what most people don’t realise is that the real work doesn’t revolve around the dogs.


Being one of the UK’s leading sight loss charities, Guide Dogs work tirelessly for rights of visually impaired people. So, one challenge they have when finding new staff and volunteers is getting people to understand that they won’t be playing with puppies all day.


We filmed an honest and authentic video, interviewing various staff across the organisation so that prospective candidates can get an insight into real jobs at Guide Dogs.


The result – over 30,000 views in just 5 days of their video going live, floods of comments and questions asking how people can get involved and the HR team being inundated with enquiries.




Video now makes up 80% of Facebook content, with more people consuming video content on a daily basis than any other medium. It’s not the future anymore – it’s now.

Yet so many professional organisations are too worried or scared to touch it.

My advice – jump on the bandwagon, because if you’re not utilising video content in your recruitment strategy, you’re already falling behind.

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