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We recently had the pleasure of working with Taaleem – one of the largest education providers in the UAE. We created a series of videos for both Taaleem group of schools and also worked independently with Dubai British School (DBS) ahead of their 2018 recruitment drives.

At Nicest Jobs, we create videos that showcase employer brands in order to attract the best new talent to their organization. With Taaleem and DBS our job was easy – we simply captured the dynamic, exciting, lively and enjoyable daily life in their schools.

Working with the central HR team and Group CEO Ros Marshall at Taaleem we produced three videos:

  1. showcase video highlighting the group as a whole and the 10 schools that sit under the Taaleem umbrella.
  2. teacher job ad where we talked directly to teachers about what it’s like to work as a teacher within the Taaleem group and the opportunities that it presents.
  3. Life in the UAE showcase to demonstrate to those not yet in the UAE, just what life in this part of the world has to offer (particularly as a Taaleem employee).

At Dubai British School we worked alongside head teacher Brendan Fulton to create a series of videos that capture the spirit of the school:   

  1. An employer brand showcase in which we chatted to senior staff members, parents and pupils about life at DBS.
  2. teacher job ad aimed at attracting new teaching talent to the school – showcasing the opportunities and experiences offered by DBS.
  3. non-teacher job ad to demonstrate the non-teaching job opportunities that the school has to offer.

We love working with forward-thinking, dynamic, innovative brands and Taaleem and DBS fit perfectly into that category. Their approach to culture, environment and happiness really make them stand out from the crowd and we are proud to have worked with them to showcase these wonderful brands.

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