Do you love your job?

When I decided to do a random act of kindness every day for a year, I had absolutely no idea how it would end up changing my life.

When Maura died, it left a hole in thousands of peoples hearts. Over 4,500 turned up to pay their respects at her funeral and it was then, seeing the miles and miles of people that I knew if I lived the rest of my life living how she lived hers – I could be proud in knowing I’d made a positive difference to the world.


 So it began, 365 good deeds over 365 days – a year worth of altruism. I never set out for it to be anything more than just a daily blog of kindness, sharing my story and inspiring others to do the same. But in today's content hungry world I quickly and unintentionally went viral.



It was from there that a chain of events started, completely out of my control that led me to sit here and run an organisation that advocates and promotes working happy.

It was during my ‘Nicest Job in Britain’ year that I truly got to understand what it’s like to wake up every morning and go to a job you love. But more pertinent than that, seeing people who also loved their job too.



 So it was only natural that I’d want to take all those experience and give others the same opportunity that I had. A job they love. has become more than a business; it’s become my passion. Working with great brands to show exactly what it’s like to work for them, through the power of video. Giving candidates the insight into an incredible place to work so they too can wake up every single morning and be excited to do a job they love.



We spend so much time at work – there’s no point doing something that makes you miserable! 

So for me, I will continue to excite and engage people in why having a job you love is one of the most important factors in your life.


So I ask this question, do you love your job?