A weeks work experience - A blog by Calum Maw

A weeks work experience - A blog by Calum Maw


My name is Calum, i'm 15 years old and I study at Kingshill school in Cirencester.

I chose to come to nicest jobs for my work experience because I saw their videos and how great the environment was and I wanted to be in this kind of environment. I have been here for one day already and have already learnt the basics of editing.

I was given a 16-minute interview and I had to cut it down to a 2-minute storytelling video, I had to include music and b roll (videos that go over the talking).

The workspace is completely stress-free and everyone is friendly. I have also been invited to go up to London for a day this week so I can film my own clips and hopefully edit them in my own way. I am hoping to learn a lot more over this week about the editing of videos and hopefully make a video about a day in the office with the nicest jobs crew.

For my GCSE’s I took photography, resistant materials, geography and Btec sport. In my spare time, I am usually either playing on my Xbox or out playing football with friends. I love taking pictures and I’m really interested in the whole editing side of the cool videos you see of people jumping off of cliffs on youtube. I am also interested in photography and tricking (a bunch of somersaults that look cool).I like to take pictures of action sports, landscapes and a few derelict places.

When I go out with my camera I feel like I don’t have to worry about anything, all my problems are no longer a problem because the only thing I have to do is worry about whats going on with the camera, to make sure that the picture is not blurry or too bright. My favourite part of photography and taking videos is definitely the editing part, I can sit at a desk for hours and edit a video. there are so many possibilities to a video, you can change the colours, you can change the music, you can make one clip fly into the background whilst another flies into view, when I sit at desk with a pair of headphones and edit something time flies by and its as if everything else in the world is not relevant anymore. Usually, when I sit at home I am always doing something whether it be playing the Xbox, playing on my phone or watching a film, when I sit down and dedicate some time to editing something I do not need my phone. filming and editing just seem natural to me and I definitely want to pursue this profession. 

I will touch base later in the week to let you know how I'm getting on!

- Calum