Orange Soccer: Case Study   Orange Soccer are a fast-growing, dynamic retail, academy and education business operating in the football industry, headquartered in the North-West (Preston) and with an operational base in East Anglia (Bury St Edmunds).   Orange Soccer joined the Nicest Jobs community in April, because they wanted to utilise video content to showcase why they’re one of the UK’s nicest employers and to use video to advertise an exciting role that they had recently created.   So Luke & Igor fuelled up the car (with petrol & plenty of sweets) and made the journey north from our office in Cirencester to Orange Soccer HQ in Kirkham, where we spent the day capturing content in the office and at academy sessions in Lytham, interviewing Orange Soccer employees, coaches and young football players.     Nicest Jobs exists to showcase what it would be like for candidates, if successful in their application for a particular role. At Orange Soccer, not only is every day full of interesting challenges, but it is a business that is very much based in the great outdoors - on a football pitch - so capturing that was key to successfully portraying what it is like to work there.     Once the company showcase video and the job vacancy video had been signed off by Orange Soccer Founder & Managing Director, Orrin Benford, we launched Orange Soccer on Nicest Jobs, where they took over the home page and also the header images of all Nicest Jobs social channels. The showcase videos for Orange Soccer and the Business Development Executive roles were shared on Facebook, capturing over 4,000 views in the first 48 hours.       Orange Soccer fully embraced video as a medium to not only showcase themselves, but also as a means for gathering applications from interested candidates. We’ve seen a lot of success from video applications with other members of the Nicest Jobs community, but with this particular role, we saw a new standard set. Applications came in from across the UK & from as far afield as Utah, in the United States.   In just two weeks of advertising the roles, from hundreds of applications, six applicants were shortlisted for an interview with the leadership team at Orange Soccer. All six of the shortlisted applicants had submitted video applications.   Having advertised one business development executive role, the quality of the shortlisted candidates meant that two candidates were offered a role - one to focus on teamwear sales and another to focus on academy expansion.   Josh Mountain & Sam Harwood are now proud members of #TeamOS & you can watch their brilliant application videos below. If anyone doubts the power of video applications, we’re sure those doubts will be quickly removed once you’ve watched Josh & Sam’s applications. In four weeks, Orange Soccer joined Nicest Jobs, launched their showcase page, launched a recruitment campaign, received hundreds of applications, shortlisted six applicants (all with videos), ran a successful interview day and offered two of the applicants full time roles.      Orrin Benford, Founder & Managing Director of Orange Soccer Group said:   We’re proud to be working with such a dynamic, forward-thinking organisation like Orange Soccer and we’re glad to have been able to contribute - in small part - to the evolution of their business.   To learn more about Orange Soccer, visit their website or go to their facebook page:   If you would like to showcase your organisation, check out our membership options by clicking here. (link to: )  
  It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog. Yet again we have been hit with such calious and inhumane acts of violence against our fellow human beings – that it is almost impossible to fathom the reason behind such terror. However, despite all the pain and hurt caused, both mental and physical – we must rise above the hate and battle it with passion and love. Which is why I am dedicating this blog to the heroes of the London Terror Attacks and showcasing the “nicest people” in our society - that despite the fear and terror in their way, these individuals selflessly went out to help others in life threatening situation.   Gerard Vowles  Standing in a pub window, he saw first hand the atrocities of the terrorists wielding knives. Instead of running, he threw bottles, beer cans and even bar stools at the assassins in an attempt to stop them in their tracks. It was however when he started following the terrorists that he saw a woman get dragged to her knees and get stabbed multiple times. But despite what was going on in front of him, he continued to fight them off, saving this woman’s life.   Terrifying testimony from stabbing witness Gerard who just spoke to me about what happened #LondonBridge — Mark Lobel (@marklobel) June 4, 2017   Aksha Patel Cab driver Aksha Patel spoke of a womans bravery who jumped out of his cab and help barricade the doors of a pub, allowing fellow punters to escape through the back door. He said that her act of bravery saved at least 20 lives whilst the terrorists tried to get into the pub.     Phaldip Singh Phaldip Singh, a Sikh in London went to social media to lend a helping hand. The businessman tweeted a map highlighting the location of Sikh temples which were open - providing food and shelter to those in need. People took to social media to thank the Sikh community for stepping in and helping during the nightmare that was unfolding. One person tweeted: “The Sikh community amazing as always, need more of these kindhearted people in the world.” Young American A young American exchange student rushed to help a man who had been hit by a stray bullet. The American took of his belt and used it as a tornqeuet to stem the flow of blood – saving the mans life.   Other acts of kindness Bouncers at The Wheatsheaf, in Borough Market, were praised for blocking the doors and shutting punters inside to keep them safe as the men rampaged. A cab driver turned his car around and tried to drive into the terrorists in a bid to thwart them. Londoners offered help to the victims of the atrocity in the hours that followed – including food, clothing and blood donations. Taxi drivers also offered people lifts to safety and hotels as those caught in the vicinity of London Bridge flee the area. Brave restaurant staff saved the lives of dozens of diners from three machete-wielding terrorists who “hesitated” for a vital moment as they stormed inside. Just remember - we are all human - love conquers all. Be kind, always.  Luke Cameron Co-Founder  Sources: The Sun, The Independent    
Here at we champion the #NicestPeople Meet Joe, Having experienced what it's like to lose somebody to cancer, he wanted to jump straight into the deep end with his first ever fundraiser. Setting himself the mammoth challenge of walking 102 miles in just 30 hours through the cotswolds - he has set himself one heck of a challenge. His amazing walk in aid of Cancer Research UK isn't until next year (3/4th Feb) but he has already started his training. He has also managed to rack up an amazing £1,000 for the charity too. We love meeting inspirational people and sharing their amazing stories.  Well done Joe - Keep up the amazing work! “it’s a big challenge but I’m 110% focused on completing it. Every mile will be worth it! I’m really looking forward it” DONATE TO JOE    
  Whilst sat in HQ, happily getting on with helping charities we had a buzz at the door. A few months ago we put out a post on social media inviting anyone passing by to #PopInForACoffee. A way of us reaching out to the thousands of people that so wonderfully follow and engage with us on social media. So on this blustery and cold Monday Morning - Kevin took us up on that offer. This wonderful man has been following the Nicest Job in Britain and our Founder - Luke Cameron's blog, the Good Deed Diary for many years and took the opportunity to come in and meet the team. Kev is one of those people that deserves an award.  After caring for a family member that went through cancer to making sure that he pick up some honeybuns (a local delicacy) for his neighbour also suffering with cancer - he goes above and beyond in every way to make others lives around him better. It was truly wonderful to sit and listen to Kev's amazing stories and watch in amazement at such a selfless and kind person. He is definitely one of the #NicestPeople and we champion everything he does. Come back anytime Kev!