The Kindness Of Londoners

The Kindness Of Londoners


It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog. Yet again we have been hit with such calious and inhumane acts of violence against our fellow human beings – that it is almost impossible to fathom the reason behind such terror.

However, despite all the pain and hurt caused, both mental and physical – we must rise above the hate and battle it with passion and love.

Which is why I am dedicating this blog to the heroes of the London Terror Attacks and showcasing the “nicest people” in our society - that despite the fear and terror in their way, these individuals selflessly went out to help others in life threatening situation.


Gerard Vowles 

Standing in a pub window, he saw first hand the atrocities of the terrorists wielding knives. Instead of running, he threw bottles, beer cans and even bar stools at the assassins in an attempt to stop them in their tracks. It was however when he started following the terrorists that he saw a woman get dragged to her knees and get stabbed multiple times. But despite what was going on in front of him, he continued to fight them off, saving this woman’s life.



Aksha Patel

Cab driver Aksha Patel spoke of a womans bravery who jumped out of his cab and help barricade the doors of a pub, allowing fellow punters to escape through the back door. He said that her act of bravery saved at least 20 lives whilst the terrorists tried to get into the pub.



Phaldip Singh

Phaldip Singh, a Sikh in London went to social media to lend a helping hand.

The businessman tweeted a map highlighting the location of Sikh temples which were open - providing food and shelter to those in need.

People took to social media to thank the Sikh community for stepping in and helping during the nightmare that was unfolding. One person tweeted: “The Sikh community amazing as always, need more of these kindhearted people in the world.”

Young American

A young American exchange student rushed to help a man who had been hit by a stray bullet. The American took of his belt and used it as a tornqeuet to stem the flow of blood – saving the mans life.


Other acts of kindness

Bouncers at The Wheatsheaf, in Borough Market, were praised for blocking the doors and shutting punters inside to keep them safe as the men rampaged.

A cab driver turned his car around and tried to drive into the terrorists in a bid to thwart them.

Londoners offered help to the victims of the atrocity in the hours that followed – including food, clothing and blood donations.

Taxi drivers also offered people lifts to safety and hotels as those caught in the vicinity of London Bridge flee the area.

Brave restaurant staff saved the lives of dozens of diners from three machete-wielding terrorists who “hesitated” for a vital moment as they stormed inside.

Just remember - we are all human - love conquers all.

Be kind, always. 

Luke Cameron


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