Whilst sat in HQ, happily getting on with helping charities we had a buzz at the door.

A few months ago we put out a post on social media inviting anyone passing by to #PopInForACoffee. A way of us reaching out to the thousands of people that so wonderfully follow and engage with us on social media.

So on this blustery and cold Monday Morning - Kevin took us up on that offer.

This wonderful man has been following the Nicest Job in Britain and our Founder - Luke Cameron's blog, the Good Deed Diary for many years and took the opportunity to come in and meet the team.

Kev is one of those people that deserves an award. 

After caring for a family member that went through cancer to making sure that he pick up some honeybuns (a local delicacy) for his neighbour also suffering with cancer - he goes above and beyond in every way to make others lives around him better.

It was truly wonderful to sit and listen to Kev's amazing stories and watch in amazement at such a selfless and kind person.

He is definitely one of the #NicestPeople and we champion everything he does.

Come back anytime Kev!