Types of beer 

Before you sign up for a beer club, you’ll want to decide which types of beer you want delivered in your monthly shipment. Perhaps you only care to try hoppy ales or Belgian-style beers. Certain clubs specialize in niche offerings, while others send a wider mix of beers brewed in every style. 

Number of beers

Some beer clubs have a fixed number of beers in each send while others allow you to choose more or fewer beers per month. Decide how many beers make sense for you and pick a plan accordingly. Most services will allow you to change the plan later on if you’re receiving too few or too many than you care to.


Beer clubs are typically a bit more expensive than going to the local store to buy beer, but some are far more affordable than others. Decide how much you have in your monthly budget for tasting new beers and select a club or subscription that fits. 

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