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How we help


Finding the right candidate for your clients can be tough - we get it.

Sifting through hundreds of CV's, other job boards and LinkedIn can be a difficult and challenging task. Which is why we use the power of video to help you find the right candidate.
Because we validate which employers can showcase themselves and post vacancies on, we keep transparency at the heart of our business. Today, social media is the biggest driver of online traffic and 75% of that is video content consumption. Those employers which post jobs and work with us get to benefit from that huge network and showcase their organisation as a great place to work, to the biggest audience in the world.
With video, candidates can immediately see into the employer's world. Their offices, their staff, surroundings and culture. It's that rich content that gives the candidate a real insight into the company they are applying for and whether they would fit - making your job 100x easier in selecting the right candidate for the right role.
What's more, candidates can also upload a video CV, so you (&/or their future employers) can see them too. Providing a two-way video recruitment process.
How it helps you
We help you showcase your clients in the best way possible. Not only recognising them as one of the Nicest Employers in the UK, but also showcasing their organisation through video - helping attract the most suitable candidates to the role(s) you or your client have available.
Posting Roles
Unlike most other job boards, we don't allow agencies and consultants to mask their client. This is because we believe that the best response comes from a candidate who can see into the world of the organisation they are applying for. It's the whole reason we put video at the forefront of our platform.
As a recruitment agency, there are two options when posting a role with us:
1. You can sign up as your agency and post roles for your clients, fully disclosing who they are and what they are looking for.
2. You can create an account on behalf of your client and manage the process yourself.
We don't support:
"My client is looking for"
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All in one place

Our client portal means that you can enable candidates to apply directly to - meaning a candidate's details will stay neatly in one place. Or if you would prefer, applications can be sent directly to you.




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