About us

It all started with a mission to #DoMoreGood....

Our journey started with the Nicest Job in Britain, a 15-month initiative that saw one person (Luke Cameron) travel the country and help 45 charities to raise awareness, create content and generate media coverage. But what we learnt throughout the process is that there isn't only one Nicest Job in Britain, in fact there are many - helping people, animals and causes across the entire spectrum of the incredible UK charity sector.

NicestJobs.com is our solution. We want to cast away the old-fashioned way of recruitment, which we believe is no longer relevant or as effective as it should be.

We showcase the great companies and charities that exist in the UK and why they are incredible places to work. But at the same time, we want talented people to showcase their skills, abilities and passion when applying for a role, through individual video job applications.

We believe that you should find happiness and purpose in what you do.

Our employer brand and recruitment platform is centred around the powerful medium of video. We want people (employers & employees) to passionately shout about what they do and pair incredible companies with talented individuals.